Xinyaqiang Silicon Chemistry Jiangsu Co., Ltd.has built a scientific rigorous and high-efficiency research & development system. The company adhere to the guiding ideology of market-oriented, enterprise as the main body and combination of production, teaching and research. It continue to carry out technical innovation, constantly improve the enterprise’s core competitiveness, provide a solid technical support of Xinyaqiang’s sustainable development. The R&D system is consist of provincial enterprise technology center, expert consultation group, postgraduates workstation and municipal engineering technology research center. The company has been awarded as “Private science and technology enterprises of Jiangsu Province”, “Minor high tech enterprises of Jiangsu Province”and “National high-tech enterprises”. The research center staff is made up of over 100 post doctor, doctor and master. The company spends millions of dollars each year on research and development.

1. Research and development organization

2. Research and development equipments
The company owns two provincial recognized laboratory which allocated research and test instruments as gas chromatograph, infrared spectrometer, muffle furnace, dryer, separator and other over 100 set of equipments. Site area used for development and testing over 2000 square meters.

3. Research and development direction
Company has signed a cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Normal University to jointly develop new products and new technology of organic silicon monomer. It also set up a joint laboratory with Beijing Jiaotong University chemistry department and build a municipal organic silicon monomer deep processing technology research center. For the development of national organic silicon technology, the company jointly construct national key laboratory of particular organic silicon technology with Hangzhou Normal University. At present, the company research and development team has made a major breakthrough in the field of phenyl monomer. The second phase project of phenyl trichlorosilane, diphenyl chlorosilane, phenyl silicone resin, phenyl silicone oil, phenyl silicone rubber products will realize large-scale production in this year.

4. Research and development talent management and incentive system
Xinyaqiang adhere to the people-oriented, the company increases the incentives of technical personnel year by year and has set up a multiple levels of technological innovation awards such as achievement award, patent award, industrial design award, project award and outstanding contribution award. In recent years, the company has brought in dozens of experts at home and abroad, trained a batch of technical innovation talents, carried out the technical staff career planning and growth channel design, regularly carried out the industry technology innovation expert group consultation activities, adhered to organize r&d personnel professional training and improved the technical and management level of on-the-job r&d staff.

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