1. The talent strategy of Xinyaqiang silicon chemistry Jiangsu Co., Ltd. has been an important part of its development strategy. The company keeps the important concept of people oriented. Talent is the primary resource and the basic of enterprise’s development and competition. In Xinyaqiang, people have broad space for personal development, excellent environment for personal growth. The effective performance appraisal and incentive mechanism, the rich corporate culture and generous welfare benefits help every competent person realize ego ambition. We keep pace with the times while seeking talent with eagerness. Xinyaqiang expects more talents to join with wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity to meet the challenges and opportunities with us.

2. A letter from the CEO to the applicant
Dear applicant:
How do you do! First of all, please allow me, on behalf of all colleagues of Xinyaqiang Silicon Chemistry Jiangsu Co.,Ltd. thank you for your attention to Xinyaqiang and welcome you to join this dynamic team. Xinyaqiang is a flourishing enterprise with rich innovation consciousness. It currently is in the phase of a new round of rapid development. The enterprise needs a large number of talented, have ideal and ambitious talents in safety, environment, quality, production, research and development, domestic trade, foreign trade, administration and other management posts. Hope you can join us to create a brighter future of Xinyaqiang.
Xinyaqiang traditionally focused on the talents. It includes the talent cultivation and enterprise development into the same height strategic planning. It particularly gives broad development space and humanistic care to the graduating students. With the specialized persons’ guidance and professional training, you will reach your full potential on Xinyaqiang’s platform, grow strong together with Xinyaqiang and achieve your ideal life.
Although today’s Xinyaqiang is not perfect and strong enough. But, it just provides a broad development space for you and someone who has ideal like you. I believe that through joint efforts, Xinyaqiang’s future will be better. Looking forward to your joining!

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