Abbreviation: HMD

CAS NO.: 1450-14-2

Product description:

Molecular formula: (CH3)3SiSi(CH3)3     
Molecular weight: 146
Character: colorless clear liquid; insoluble in water; soluble in xylene, benzene and glycol dimethyl ether
Technical parameter:

content: ≥99%

density(25℃)g/cm3: 0.715

refractive index: 1.4224

boiling point: 137℃

melting point : 12℃


Uses: as terminator of polycarbosilane in medical synthesis; as analytical reagent
Packaging: iron drum       

Net weight: 130kg
In storage, avoid open fire; should be preserved in ventilated and dry place; storage temperature: -45℃~45℃;
In transportation, avoid collision, rainfall;
Storage period: 1 years

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