Abbreviation: HMDSO
CAS NO.: 107-46-0
Product description:
Molecular formula: (CH3)3SiOSi(CH3)3     
Molecular weight: 162.2
Character: colorless clear liquid, non-toxic
Technical parameter:

hexamethyldisiloxane content: ≥99%   

silanol: ≤1.0

melting point : -68℃

 flashing point: -1℃

 refractive index: 1.3748

density(25℃)g/cm3: 0.762-0.77 

boiling point: 100℃

viscosity: 0.65

Uses: as end plate agent, cleaning agent and release agent used in organic chemical and pharmaceutical medical manufacturing, in silicon oil and silicon rubber manufacturing; as raw material of silazane
Packaging: plastic drum or plastic lining iron drum      
Net weight: 150kg/160kg
In storage, avoid open fire; should be preserved in ventilated and dry place; storage temperature: -50℃~45℃;
In transportation, avoid collision, rainfall.

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