Abbreviation: TMEOS

CAS NO.: 1825-62-3

Product description:

Molecular formula : (CH3)3SiOCH2CH3      
Molecular weight: 118.25
Character: colorless clear liquid
Technical parameter:

Trimethylethoxysilane: ≥97%

refractive index: 1.374

density: 0.76

hexamethyldisiloxane: ≤2.0%

ethyl alcohol content: ≤1.0%

flashing point: -1.11℃

boiling point: 75.7℃

chromaticity: ≤50

Uses: in synthesis of organic silicon compound, as water repellent
Packaging: iron drum or plastic lining iron drum     

Net weight: 150kg
In storage, avoid fire, moisture; should be preserved in ventilated and dry condition; avoid contact with acid, alkali and water; storage temperature: -40℃~40℃;
In transportation, avoid collision, rainfall;
Shelf life: 1 year

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