1. enterprise mission    8. Corporate vision
strengthen national industry, create social wealth Striving for the first of the industry and create a world famous enterprise
2. enterprise spirit 9. Operation principle
being realistic and pragmatic, hard working and innovational honesty first, thinks of the advantage and the human
3. management philosophy 10. Service concept
striving for excellence, Pragmatic And Efficient Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit
4. Core Values 11. Market Principle
For development of enterprise, we dedicate to the community results
and make staff realize self worth
Market Leading & value innovation
5. Quality Concept 12. Technology concept
We will always pursue better quality Technology research and development for technological superiority
6. Environmental concept 13. Safety concept
Cleaner Production & environmental harmony People oriented, care for life & safety first
7. Enterprise Style 14. Slogan of brand
Be conscientiously Man & steadfast in work, contribution in society &
sincerely treat workers
New Asia Man, new technology and new life
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