1. Employees concept 4.Team Concept
Each staff is excellent We need a great team more than excellent individuals.
Conspire the great undertaking, co-existence and joint development. Need great team.
2. Talent concept  5.Staff affirmation
Moral supremacy & Performance first I’m one staff of Xinyaqiang.
3. Enterprise think tank I determine to be loyal to the enterprise, keep the company mission in mind.
1. Concept of self-cultivation: self improving, self transcending, inspire others Carry forward enterprise spirit, realize the company vision.
2. Concept of competition: Competition helps us progress. Obey the company discipline, keep the confidential information of company.
3. Concept of cooperation: Consider others benefit first and take win-win cooperation. Safeguard Company Interest, obey the company overall situation.
4. Concept of careers: The career is created in joint effort. Dedication and enterprising to create a great cause.
5. Concept of innovation: Innovation brings up the future.  
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