1. Interpretation of registered trademark

The registered trademark of Xinyaqiang products is constituted by blue “Ⅱ” and red “∽”, the two part formed a Chinese character “Ya”. With the underneath Chinese characters and pinyin of "Xinyaqiang", they formed a whole. The blue “Ⅱ” resemblances to the Triumphal Arch which implied the company will go beyond Asia into the world and get triumph. The red ribbon“∽” is similar to the infinity symbol in mathematics, which implied company’s Infinite development space and immense potential, symbolize “ A strong new enterprise rising in Asia”. The logo is concise and lively to fully express the broad mind of based in Asia and around the world.
The mark was registered both at home and abroad at the same time and awarded the honor of “famous trademark of China”.The Chinese character “Ya” as a sign of enterprise products, express the high aspiration of Xinyaqiang staff. To build the company a global well-known enterprise of organic silicon industry and realize the corporate vision of indisputable industry first and create international well-known enterprise.

2. Interpretation of corporate logo

The design element of Xinyaqiang’s corporate logo is NEW ASIA MAN’s Initial letter. New Asia Man means “Asian new giant”, express the intense sense of social responsibility and national pride. The concise and generous logo graphic reflect the grand courage of Chinese enterprises to concentrate on international market and compete with international enterprises. Meanwhile, the logo implied the enterprise spirit of “being realistic and pragmatic, hard working and innovational”.
"Xinyaqiang" is the enterprise name, Chinese fonts are changed to comply with the glyph of English letters, so that the image unified as a whole. The color of logo reflects the core technology and technology content of enterprise in the chemical industry, covers the operation principle of "honesty first, thinks of the advantage and the human" and the slogan of brand “New Asia Man, new technology and new life”.

3. Interpretation of enterprise sculpture

The overall image of Xinyaqiang’s enterprise sculpture has a strong pose of fly, three concise, abstract and powerful arcs support a golden ball, looks like a dragon flying straight into the sky. Solid rock base implied the strong brand power through bottom-top and inside out. The horizontal curves in sculpture with an image of letter "A" implies Xinyaqiang’s first brand position in the industry.
The sculpture compromises the rock ‘s heavy with the flexible of fly shows an image of strong, concise and modern. People can associate it with vigorous impress. The sculpture symbolized that with the support of Xinyaqiang, the staff will keep passion to make the vision of powerful global enterprise come true.








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