Xinyaqiang Silicon Chemistry Limited Liability Company was founded in November, 2009. We construct 2 production branches in Jiangsu Suqian Eco-chemical Industrial Park with total investment of 1 billion Yuan, covering 300mu. It is one of wholly owned subsidiaries of Jilin Xinyaqiang Biochemical Co., Ltd.

Our company completes industrial planning of organic silicon methylsilane and phenyl group series products in production, research and marketing aspects based on over 23 years of development of parent firm. And our company has become an international famous and leading enterprise. For consideration of fast and rapid development, our company was public listed on Agency Share Transfer System in December, 2015.

In addition, our company keeps a watchful eye on strategic planning and pays great attention on product research. We have won many honors, such as, State new high-tech enterprise, National safety standard second level authentication enterprise, China quality trustworthy enterprise, Provincial private high-tech enterprise, and Provincial middle and small-sized enterprise. There is provincial postgraduate research station, provincial authorized technology center. Until now, we have 6 patents of invention and 13 are under examination and approval. Xinyaqiang is China famous trademark and it has passed German trademark register, REACH and HALAL authentication. Main products are HMDS, Heptamethyldisilazane, 1,3-

Divinyltetramethyldisiloxane and etc. HMDS and Trimethylethoxysilane project has been listed in State Torch Plan. Production and sales of other products are at leading level as well. They have been extensively used in medical, pesticide, textile, electronic industry, military industry, fine chemical and aerospace fields.

In Factory One, we mainly produce HMDS, Iodotrimethylsilane, hexamethyldisiloxane, Heptamethyldisilazane, DMDMOS, with annual production of 15,000 tons. Designed production of Factory Two is 10,000 tons of phenyl chlorosilane, 10,000 tons of methyl phenyl silicone resin, 5,000 tons of methylphenyl silicone oil, 10,000 tons of phenyl siloxane rubber. Planned whole investment is 710 million Yuan. And annual income will reach 750 million Yuan each year. First stage phenyl chlorosilane production instrument with production of 10,000 tons has been constructed. Other project will be completed in late 2018.

In future, Xinyaqiang will take organosilicone as our research and development center. And we will make efforts to promote phenyl silicone resin, phenyl silicone oil and phenyl siloxane rubber industry to gain better economic benefit.

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